Make your relationship “o-fish-ial” with a real diamond ring made from A&W Restaurant’s new scale-tipping Quarter Pound Cod Sandwich.

This one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry was made by extracting carbon from the cremated remains of a half-dozen A&W Quarter Pound Cod Sandwiches. In addition to the diamond ring, A&W partnered a full collection of exquisite jewelry made with real ingredients from the Quarter Pound Cod Sandwich and A&W’s signature Root Beer Float.

The new A&W Quarter Pound Cod Sandwich, available at select locations nationwide January 22–April 14, tips the scales as one of America’s largest fast food fish sandwiches.

Fish fans and lovebirds have until February 14th to enter for a chance to win the A&W Quarter Pound Cod Sandwich Diamond Ring or other jewelry from the collection. Simply visit to enter to win.

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