Advancing the world’s largest Toyota plant.

How we’ve helped set the tone for the future of Toyota Kentucky.

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At Toyota, change is constant. The company has created a culture centered around the concept of “kaizen,” or continuous improvement. It’s a big reason they’re the global leader in automotive manufacturing. From upper management to the manufacturing line, everyone at Toyota is constantly striving to make ever-better cars.

Toyota Kentucky became North America’s first Toyota plant 30 year ago, and now stands as the largest in the world. That’s a cause for celebration.


To help Toyota Kentucky celebrate its 30th anniversary, we began looking forward. Rather than paying homage to accomplishments and milestones in the past, we wanted instead to focus on what’s to come, setting the tone for the future of Toyota manufacturing in North America.


In an effort to represent Toyota’s optimistic and visionary spirit, we asked team members to imagine what’s ahead for the plant, for automotive manufacturing and for the future of mobility as a whole. It became a platform for both internal and external communications, as visitors were drawn to tour the plant out of curiosity to “see what’s ahead.” It even allowed us to reach an increasingly more valuable audience—the future workforce. We began educating students on the career opportunities at Toyota, changing the perception of manufacturing and inspiring them to “see what’s ahead” on a more personal level.


Jonathon Spalding, Sr. Copywriter

“It’s a well-known fact that if you want a vehicle that will run forever, you buy a Toyota. That speaks volumes about the kind of brand Toyota has built in the United States, and the more I’ve worked with Toyota Kentucky, the more I see why it’s the most trusted automaker in the world.

But what amazes me the most is how, as a company, Toyota never takes its eye off the future. There’s a sense of intrigue and optimism in that, and it’s informed much of the work we’ve done for Toyota Kentucky. Every year, there seems to be something new and exciting to sink our teeth into—a new milestone to celebrate, a new initiative to develop, a new group of people to reach. And I can’t wait to see what’s next.”