Life is hard. Q Mixers makes cocktails easy.
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Just “Q It Up”

Your crackpot uncle’s bizarre rants. That mounting feeling of existential dread. Whatever is getting under your skin during the generally overwhelming times we live in, rest assured that Q Mixers can’t do a single thing to fix it.

But they can fix your cocktail.

That’s the gist of “Q It Up,” our first campaign for the premium cocktail mixer brand known for sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world.

With social media ads and significant OOH placements in San Francisco, Chicago, and Denver—plus three popular Colorado ski resorts—the “Q It Up” campaign takes aim at market-specific annoyances with bold headlines and polished photography to match the brand’s new visual identity.

Our goal? Get consumers to upgrade from bottom-shelf mixers by making them aware of a better, easier, and more delicious option.

We also produced a series of four live-action digital videos designed to elicit sympathetic laughs from anyone who’s ever felt trapped in an awkward family gathering. Dubbed “Dinner with the Unfixables,” the spots feature a cast of quirky yet relatable characters each doing their part to stress out an exasperated hostess who nevertheless survives in style thanks to elevated cocktails compliments of Q Mixers.Further proof that a good Gin & Tonic can’t solve all your problems. But it’s a step in the right direction.


“Q Mixers Can’t Fix Your Family Problems But They Can Fix Your Cocktail”

“Q Mixers Can Fix Your Cocktails. But Not Your Crackpot Family”

“Q Mixers Can’t Fix Your Most Pressing Problems, But They Can Fix Your Cocktail”

Q Mixers Launches “Q It Up” Campaign