Proving (The Power Of) Advanced Medicine.

How we’re growing top-of-mind awareness and understanding of Kentucky’s leading medical institution.

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UK HealthCare is working to solve some of the most complex health problems facing Kentucky families. The expertise and passion of UK’s physicians, researchers, nurses and staff is demonstrated every day across many service lines and specialties. Hope is delivered to patients and families in the form of cutting-edge treatments, access to the latest in clinical trials and the most advanced technologies available.

Even as UK HealthCare consistently receives accolades and recognition in national rankings, there remains a gap in perception and understanding among our audiences, both locally and regionally. There’s still much to communicate and prove to a “someday” audience who may not face an imminent need but act as the “Household CMO,” making 75-80% of all healthcare decisions for herself, parents, spouse and kids.


With “The Power of Advanced Medicine” as a foundational brand platform and message, our task has been to continue growing top-of-mind awareness with the Household CMO audience throughout Kentucky and regionally, while adapting the brand positioning for specific service lines such as Gill Heart and Vascular Institute, and Markey Cancer Center.

Our audience may not have an immediate need for healthcare, but when a need arises, we want to be firmly entrenched as the go-to destination for complex cases, where patients have access to the latest, most advanced treatments. When marketing to the Household CMO, emotion reigns over rational thinking. We all know that most of us typically buy with emotion and rationalize the purchase with facts. But in healthcare, there is so much that can’t be known. The only thing that our audience can actually observe is care, concern, responsiveness, respect and outcome. So, this audience needs to see authenticity in advertising—true stories, people like herself, her family and her friends.


We have shaped service line messaging through awe-inspiring stories grounded in real medical breakthroughs at UK. Our goal was to make those stories emotional and relatable through the lens of a focused patient and family narrative. We’ve been able to accomplish this through a hands-on approach to storytelling, spending time with the incredible clinicians and researchers at the forefront of UK HealthCare’s advancements and truly understanding the complexities of their work, then translating it into a more personal message. We want our audience to feel the gravity of these breakthroughs while understanding that, when they are one day faced with a decision on health care for themselves or a loved one, they have some of the country’s most advanced care right in their own backyard.

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