Rolling out Lexington’s red carpet for the “new pets”

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More people than ever are stocking up on houseplants and they really love them. Pandemic lockdowns and a shift to working from home have only strengthened human bonds with our leafy friends. So much so that they’ve been dubbed the “new pets.” 


Just like dogs or cats, plants have become companions that give us purpose and relieve our stress. We fawn over them and their finicky nature when we’re home. We worry about them when we’re away. Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to? Wouldn’t it be cool if travelers could hit the road with their beloved houseplants and rest assured that they’d be expertly cared for when they arrived at their destination? We thought so.

We partnered with Elwood Hotel & Suites, a local boutique hotel, to create the World’s First Plant-Friendly Hotel. This unprecedented experience encouraged travelers to bring their potted pals along for the ride to the lush environment of Lexington. Beyond the buzzworthy novelty, the activation doubled as a chance to showcase our region’s scenic beauty and many eco-minded attractions.


The World’s First Plant-Friendly Hotel earned media coverage with an advertising value equivalent of nearly $3.3M, appearing in 293 outlets and reaching over 350M people. Paid media achieved another 1.44M impressions.