A real diamond ring made from cremated
fish sandwiches.
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Each February, A&W Restaurants rolls out a Lent-friendly fish menu option and this year it just so happened that Lent started on Valentine’s Day. Coincidentally, cod fish (the very same cod used in A&W’s New Quarter Pound Cod Sandwich) is a known aphrodisiac.

So, we did what had to be done and turned a bunch of A&W Cod Sandwiches into ashes. Then turned those ashes into a real diamond engagement ring.

This priceless piece of jewelry was made by extracting carbon from the cremated remains of A&W Cod Sandwiches. The carbon was then placed into a machine that mimicked the heat and pressure under the Earth’s crust for several months to form an actual diamond that was then precisely cut and fitted into a custom setting. 

To complete this Valentine’s Day collection, we created an entire line of jewelry made with actual ingredients from A&W’s Cod Sandwich and its iconic Root Beer Float. We invited lovebirds to make their relationship “O-Fish-ial” by entering to win a piece of this one-of-a-kind jewelry collection and to celebrate Valentine’s Day with BOGO A&W Cod Sandwiches. Very romantic. 

The campaign delivered in-full, increasing A&W Restaurants loyalty program by 25,000 members. An all-time high for a single campaign push. The offer was covered across industry and consumer press including Foodbeast, Restaurant News, Chew Boom, Eat This Not That, NBC, and earned an Ad Age “Editor’s Pick.”