Assembling a content hub for DIYers.

How we helped build a first-of-its-kind brand community for car guys.

What we did

Consumer Research
User Interviews
Digital Strategy
User-Centered Design
Responsive Frameworks
Website Development
CMS/Publishing Community Platform
Social Sharing Utilities
Rewards Program
Digital Innovation
Email Marketing


Valvoline was established in 1866. That’s an incredible legacy in and of itself. But it’s what the company has accomplished in the 150 years since that has cemented the brand as an American icon, an unmistakable symbol of the automotive lifestyle and the community that embraces it.

So as Valvoline celebrated 150 Years Under the Hood, we were tasked with developing a high-powered online community, rewards program and media hub to host ongoing content and engage a DIY audience. Knowing that this passionate audience enjoys expanding their knowledge and immersing themselves in car culture, we looked to build a go-to source of both useful information and automotive entertainment.


Our efforts have helped drive a paradigm shift in Valvoline’s brand strategy, establishing a robust digital presence where consumers are actively engaging with DIY lifestyle content. Team Valvoline is a platform for building loyalty, while engaging and rewarding the passionate DIY community that Valvoline has always been a part of.


It’s one thing to post videos on YouTube and Facebook and call it content marketing. It’s another to build your own publishing platform and measure every single detail to optimize user experience. While content and rewards drive the experience of the site, it’s all driven by a powerful back end platform, built for continual improvement and better engagement with our audience. Content becomes smarter, more relevant and guides consumers’ decisions. With a full-time engineer growth hacking the community, we map trends and consumer engagement with precision, and continuously improve the performance and goal conversions of the Team Valvoline platform.


Average 460 new Team Valvoline members per day
Over 295,000 total community members
Nearly 170,000 Monthly Active Users


Peter Cook, Director of Interactive Production

“With Team Valvoline, we’re doing something that is unique for the automotive industry. It’s a digital toolbox for DIYers—a branded content hub, ecommerce site, rewards program and educational resource. We’ve broken completely new ground.

Team Valvoline is always evolving through the process of Growth Hacking. We’re looking at big data analytics from multiple sources to inform our decisions and optimizations. We’re thrilled to have a partner like Valvoline who is willing to go into uncharted territory with us. I think that speaks volumes to our relationship and a shared commitment to constant improvement.”

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