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UK HealthCare is one of the nation’s top hospitals—but it has to overcome misconceptions that it’s too complex, too big, and too intimidating to navigate. Potential patients needed to know that this is where they can get the confidence and control they need, whether they’re facing a big health crisis or an everyday concern.


We aimed to establish a memorable, emotional, relatable connection with our audiences—especially people who don’t yet believe in our brand. That started with a spot that launched at the Super Bowl, kicking off a wider campaign designed to influence perceptions of UK HealthCare with more and more detailed, targeted messages as people engaged with our ads and content.


The creative solution came from an unexpected place. We leaned on a heartstrings-pulling rendition of an iconic song with the ultimate reassuring message. A tender cover of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” set the tone for the ad as we portrayed the types of relatable, uncertain, worry-filled moments that patients face every day—and the medical experts and healthcare heroes they can count on for extraordinary care.


It worked. Mid-campaign results showed a 60% increase in our audience’s association with the brand as “reassuring,” a 30% increase in perceptions of the brand as “confident” and a 12% increase in perceptions as “expert.” Even more importantly, we’re ranked as our audience’s top choice for the best possible care. And in a first—for us, and for the brand—the campaign even inspired one person to send a handwritten note about how the commercial was “the best I’ve ever seen.”

We can’t ask for better results than that. Shout out to Donna.