Creating a healthcare campaign people actually care about.
Brand Positioning & Strategy

DON't worry about A Thing...

When we starting working with UK Healthcare in 2015, nearly half (47%) of their target audience (moms) didn’t know what UK HealthCare, Kentucky’s flagship hospital and healthcare system, was. In fact, 15% of them thought UK HealthCare was an insurance company.

Today, UK HealthCare has 86% unaided awareness, the highest image/reputation in the state, and is the top choice for care among moms with kids age 0–17. 

How’d we get there? Years of consistent, intentional brand building. And powerful emotional storytelling proving that UK HealthCare can be trusted to provide the best care possible for everyday needs, or in times of crisis.

Our 2022 Super Bowl spot was no exception. We leaned on a heartstrings-pulling rendition of an iconic song with the ultimate reassuring message. A tender cover of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” set the tone for the ad as we portrayed the types of relatable, uncertain, worry-filled moments that patients face every day—and the medical experts and healthcare heroes they can count on for extraordinary care.

The unconventional music choice lends an aura of tranquility to the ad, assuring people that even in the scariest, most uncertain moments, they can trust and have control over their health or that of a loved one … and every little thing is gonna be alright.