Coaxing Lexington’s downtown denizens out of their comfort zone with some out-of-the-ordinary, old-fashioned out-of-home advertising.
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behold the butts

The Summit at Fritz Farm, Lexington’s premiere retail destination, asked for our help attracting a particularly persnickety breed of shopper: downtowners.

This elusive demographic is prone to stay in their little downtown bubble. We get it. Downtown Lexington is awesome. But there’s more to the city “outside the circle."

We’ve found a lot of playful ways to coax them out of their urban hideaway, but Booty Boards hold a special place in our heart. They’re vibrant, approachable, inviting, and they do a great job of highlighting the breadth of high-end retailers at The Summit.

Plus we got to put a Corgi butt on a big ol’ billboard.