A cancer campaign people can care about.
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Believe in a
cancer-free future.
Believe in Markey.

Kentucky is the number one state in the country for cancer incidence and death. The UK Markey Cancer Center is changing that.

The work is already being done—with their new NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center Ranking, Markey is making huge strides against cancer all across the Commonwealth. Our challenge was getting the word out in a way people would pay attention to. So we asked Kentuckians to do one thing: Believe in Markey.

We know getting people to care about a cancer ad isn’t easy. It’s something no one wants to think about. But our approach—which brought some hard-earned hope and optimism to a heavy, scary topic—showed that it was possible.

The results speak for themselves: a third-party effectiveness study showed that our ad “smashed industry norms” and gave it four stars, putting it in the top 4% of all ads measured.


total impressions


video views


link clicks

Top 4%

of ads measured by the System1 creative effectiveness study. That’s across ALL ads—not just healthcare.


higher brand recall and consideration intent than industry norms.