Reinventing an iconic product demo.

How we helped prove that there’s nothing like a Tempur-Pedic.

What we did

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Campaign Concept
Creative Direction
Photo / Film Direction
Video Production


The mattress industry continues to grow crowded with startups and imitators. But Tempur-Pedic remains a singularly innovative brand in its category, featuring a family of products that stand in a class of their own when compared to everyday memory foam and innerspring mattresses.

Most consumers know that Tempur-Pedic is better, but they don’t precisely know why. We were tasked with producing a series of product demonstrations that helped prove the superiority of the Tempur-Pedic product and the power of life-changing sleep.


It’s one thing to build a convincing product demonstration, it’s another to make the demo compelling. We set out to accomplish both, injecting exuberance and playfulness into each demo.

We filmed each demo with a candid, behind-the-scenes feel, proving the authenticity of each test while escalating the stakes. Our viewer would see exactly how each test went down, while providing a glimpse into the lively and fun atmosphere on set.


To kick things off, we reinvented the iconic wine test demonstration that launched the Tempur-Pedic brand into one of the biggest names in the sleep industry, upping the ante by introducing dancers, backflips, sledgehammers and kids jacked up on sugar.

Subsequent demos brought spandex suits, a candy shop full of sweets and large impression molds into the mix, with each test further proving the differentiating features of Tempur-Pedic material. It meant taking some risk, all while having fun with the process. It yielded a series that was equal parts education and entertainment, giving our audience plenty of reasons to believe that there’s simply nothing like a Tempur-Pedic.

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