Connecting through storytelling.

How we shaped an institutional story from a mosaic of personal perspectives.

What we did

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Integrated Media Strategy


It’s a special time at the University of Kentucky. In fact, a case could be made that we’re witnessing the most ambitious and exciting period in the University’s tradition-rich 150-year history. An unprecedented campus transformation has taken place, reflected in both world-class building upgrades and a renewed commitment to growing through research, community development and fostering an atmosphere of academic excellence.

So it was time to tell this story to a wide-array of audiences—both those affiliated with the University and the unfamiliar—in an effort to build excitement and stoke further pride around UK’s ongoing transformation.


It would seem natural, with so much to feature at the University, to approach the storytelling from a broad perspective. But we instead asked, how can we go beneath the surface, capturing UK’s broader achievements and vision from a more personal perspective? How are the relationships among UK students, faculty, researchers and staff representative of something much bigger? And how can we showcase the passion that defines this moment in UK’s history?


In a series of Institutional TV spots, we looked to document the people and causes that are bringing such great momentum to this campus transformation. We wanted to capture the sense of pride and community that is making it all possible. Each spot showcases a unique mentor and mentee relationship, providing an authentic glimpse into the outlook of the University.