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There’s nothing more powerful than a true story—especially when it comes to health care.

When someone’s facing a healthcare need in their own life, they turn to the people around them for recommendations. They look for stories of people who have been where they are, navigated what they’re navigating, and found answers, solutions, and a path forward.

We know those stories happen every day at UK HealthCare. Our campaigns have always been inspired by that truth. We needed a way to bring those real stories to life—one that would allow more people find the stories they’re looking for, and see how UK HealthCare helps people just like them.



We decided to supplement an upcoming campaign with the real stories from UK HealthCare patients, researchers, providers, and family members that inspired the scripted spot. We wanted our stories to be visual and engaging, with short-form, emotional storytelling that allowed each subject’s voice to come through clearly. And we knew we had to do this kind of storytelling at scale. Five or ten stories wouldn’t be enough—we needed dozens to showcase the breadth and depth of UK HealthCare’s impact and expertise, and to prove what the Power of Advanced Medicine really means in terms of lives saved and changed.


While we were conducting interviews, writing drafts and taking photographs, we built a website to house these stories and the many more we knew would come. In June of 2019, we launched the site and our first flight of ten stories along with our We Are Proof campaign—and the floodgates opened.

Stories rushed in—from social media, from hospital staff, from nurses and doctors and families. We made calls, did interviews, took photos, and learned more than we ever thought possible, finding a new appreciation for UK HealthCare and the incredible things that happen there every day.


In the two years since we launched We Are Proof, we’ve realized we didn’t just create a story site. We essentially created a newsroom. More than 100 stories later, we’ve learned about every aspect of the physical, mental and emotional care that UK HealthCare provides. We’ve done photo shoots across the state and across the globe, going as far as Rwanda to capture the full reach of UK HealthCare’s impact.

That impact has been seen and felt in the response to the stories as well. Fueled largely by social media, they’ve reached more than 2.6 million people, with nearly six million impressions.

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