How we gave a shopping and dining destination a true Lexington personality.

What we did

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When we started working with the folks at The Summit at Fritz Farm—Lexington’s newest shopping, dining, and a-little-bit-of-everything destination—we knew they were special. Unfortunately, Lexington hadn’t quite realized that yet. We had a lot of misconceptions to overcome, from price barriers to preconceived notions about traffic and parking, and just plain low awareness of the brands, restaurants and services The Summit offered.

But we had so much to work with: Some of the world’s best brands and retail experiences. Dining options for any taste. And a beautiful atmosphere that’s unique for this market (and even this region). So how could we localize, galvanize, and elevate everything to position The Summit as a can’t-miss destination for visitors and locals alike? 


Our plan: to give The Summit an unmistakable personality. Obviously, The Summit was new in town, so we wanted to make it feel like an approachable part of the Lexington community. That came through in our brand voice (sophisticated, local, inviting, playful, and immediate) and in our executions. We used bold, bright creative to break through and grab attention, and we weren’t afraid to get a little cheeky when the occasion called for it.


After developing a can’t-miss-it brand voice and visual style, we dove right in, building a playful digital and print campaign around the idea of the things you can only see, do, eat, and buy at The Summit. Juxtaposing experiences across the wide roster of stores and restaurants allowed us to have fun with the copy, while also showing off just how much The Summit offers. Photography complemented by a vivid color palette showed off every bite, boot and booty.


To supplement our campaign, we went big with some seriously attention-grabbing billboards. (Wouldn’t you do a double take if you saw a technicolor billboard advertising “FREE BEER WHISKEY BAR-B-QUE”?) We advertised “Additional Parking” in a neighborhood where it’s notoriously hard to find a space—and talked up The Summit’s free, abundant parking in the meantime. We encouraged people to call a “Fashion Accident” hotline that played off a local law firm. Basically, we weren’t afraid to get playful and experiment with our campaign to get buzz and grab attention around town.


The short version: it worked. Total sales for the property increased a whopping 9.2% in 2019 vs. 2018. Lexington has embraced The Summit in a big way, and locals have made it one of the city’s most popular places to eat, drink, shop, or just hang out. Swing by sometime to see what we mean—there’s plenty of parking, and we promise, you won’t want to leave.