Kentucky Children's Hospital

How we proved the value of a Children's Hospital

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In Lexington, we’re lucky to have UK HealthCare’s Kentucky Children’s Hospital, a family-centered hospital that specializes in the unique needs of kids, from the simple to the complex.

Unfortunately, the local market didn’t truly understand KCH: what made it different from other hospitals, or even the value of having a dedicated children’s hospital nearby. For many families, knowledge of local hospitals was limited to their first-hand experience surrounding the birth of a child or the care of an adult family member.

Without a strong understanding of what made KCH different and special, families saw all hospitals as equal when it comes to caring for their kids, despite KCH offering the most specialized and advanced pediatric care in the area.


We aimed to not only raise awareness, but drive understanding among our audience—helping consumers understand who Kentucky Children’s Hospital is, as well as the benefits of having quality, specialty pediatric care close to home.

We also looked to raise the esteem and reputation of Kentucky Children’s Hospital, based on its level of expertise in pediatric care.

And ultimately, we sought to drive consumer choice, encouraging our audiences to think of Kentucky Children’s Hospital as their first choice in caring for children in Kentucky. This includes a wide variety of consumers, from parents actively choosing hospitals based on a child’s diagnosis to future consumers selecting a preferred hospital on their child’s emergency forms.


Kids deserve a lifetime of possibilities—the chance to grow and discover everything the world has to offer. That’s what their families want for them, and it’s what KCH makes possible. Our campaign, “Kids Deserve,” emphasized the quality of care kids receive when they’re in a place that’s devoted to their particular needs, and underscored Kentucky Children’s Hospital’s mission to get kids back to their childhoods—and their futures.

Headlined by a broadcast television commercial, our campaign included a mix of video, audio, digital and out of home components. Our campaign was designed to grab attention and unite our audiences behind a shared belief about the type of care kids deserve.

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