Mission Driven Innovation

How we helped reinvigorate tradition with the new Keeneland.com

What we did

Account Management
Creative Direction
Digital Strategy
User-Centered Design
Responsive Frameworks
Website Development


Keeneland’s founding mission to reinvest in Thoroughbred racing continues to guide everything they do. However, as a brand that curates modern experiences steeped in tradition, Keeneland’s website was behind the times, no longer reflecting the world-class racing and sales products they offered. We knew a redesigned Keeneland.com needed to appeal to many audiences, while being functional in its support of Keeneland’s three primary business lines: sales, racing and hospitality. We identified 17 different user groups and looked to develop an empathic understanding of each user’s needs, values, fears and goals. After a full-day research and brainstorming retreat with the Keeneland marketing team, we gathered insights and laid the blueprint for how this new website should look, feel and act.


At its foundation, we knew this website needed to be built around Keeneland’s mission, allowing their brand story and promise to shine through at all times. We knew we needed functional tools like an interactive calendar that was easy to use for all audiences, no matter where they were on the site. As a business that revolves around seasonal race meets and sales events, we looked for ways to cater to those specific audiences in times of high traffic, providing information they need most, when they need it. And as an industry leader, Keeneland needed a place to promote a steady stream of content and news features.


The new Keeneland.com provides a sleek and modern website experience, grounded in the tradition, beauty and prestige that is the heart of the brand. Shining through every page, Keeneland’s mission anchors the entire site, allowing visitors to understand why they do what they do. An intuitive and easy to use calendar follows the user in the toolbar so that when they’re ready to plan a visit, the information is readily available. The website is divided between the three pillars of Sales, Racing, and Events & Hospitality to funnel users seamlessly to the information they’re looking for. During the race meets in April and October, as well as the sales in September, November and January, pillar pages are switched to “in-season” mode, providing a more comprehensive and actionable user experience. Altogether, the new Keeneland.com is a dynamic solution that accurately represents the vibrant, exciting experience of Keeneland and the mission the makes it all possible.