Disrupting the bed-in-a-box category.

How we helped Sealy become the first major mattress manufacturer to go direct-to-consumer.

What we did

Account Management
Consumer Research
Brand Strategy
Product Launch Planning
Campaign Concept
Creative Direction
Content Strategy
Branding Design
Photo/Film Direction
Influencer Partnerships
Social Media Strategy
Community Management


With a millennial audience that absolutely dreads traditional mattress shopping, we asked, what do they love? As avid style and design hunters, our audience loves finding inspiration for bedroom décor and upgrading the home. The bedroom is seen as a retreat from a chaotic world, a place to rest, feel good, relax and unwind. But it’s even more than that; it’s a manifestation of identity and style. Your bedroom can and should inspire happiness—and it all starts with a bed that you absolutely love.


We set out to make our brand experience feel less like traditional mattress shopping, and more like something our audience already does (and enjoys doing); searching for inspiration and upgrading the bedroom. The idea was to prove that a Cocoon by Sealy mattress is a central component of a bedroom upgrade, a product that embodies your sense of style, creativity and sophistication.


Cocoon by Sealy became a brand that stands for quality, comfort and style, connecting with a new generation of mattress consumers through a campaign platform we called “My Happy Place.” Because it’s not just about finding a comfortable, beautifully crafted bed. It’s about delivering a larger sense of emotional comfort and a brand experience that reflects our audience’s lifestyle.

Building a brand from scratch is both complex and rewarding. There’s great opportunity in seeing where the marketplace is headed and how consumers are motivated to buy. Embracing a shared belief between consumer and brand allowed us to connect with internationally recognized influencers, forming partnerships that brought authentic storytelling into the Cocoon by Sealy brand experience. It all came to life in brand identity, social strategy and management, content management and digital campaign creative.


James Merrell, Photographer

“The vision behind ‘My Happy Place’ was an instant inspiration the moment it was presented to me, as the idea of capturing real people and their spaces in a natural way is relatively unusual for a campaign. More often than not the people and their spaces are real but there’s quite a lot of careful ‘placement’ of the products being promoted.

Here, they really are real and (our subjects) really had a Cocoon by Sealy mattress to sleep on before we visited them to tell their story. Thankfully, they all were thrilled by the experience of a ‘night on a Cocoon by Sealy,’ so we got off to a good start. I like to think of these pictures as ‘image interviews’—a pictorial representation of the narratives of their lives and thoughts.”


Christy Hiler, President

“Creativity is in the DNA of our audience, and their bedrooms are an expression of that. It’s a space they’ve crafted for comfort, surrounded by the things they love. It’s where they celebrate individual style.

We didn’t want to follow other brands in the category, showing models on a bare mattress in an empty room. We wanted to give an intimate look into the bedrooms of influential creatives—in art, music, fashion, film, photography—all around the country. So, we interviewed them to learn about what makes their bedroom their happy place. The photography and video from this series brought beautiful and inspired content, both social and digital, that captured the attention of our audience. The result was a truly organic connection.”