Building a brand, one relationship at a time.

How we’ve helped carve a path for the flagship spirit of the World’s Most Awarded Distillery.

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The bourbon business is boomin’. But in this highly competitive distilled spirits category, brand loyalty isn’t always easy to accomplish. So how do you get seasoned bourbon drinkers and newcomers to love your product and become advocates for the brand? It starts with a great product. That part is taken care of at the World’s Most Awarded Distillery. But great whiskey doesn’t always sell itself.

It’s about knowing who you are and sticking to it. People recognize authenticity when they see it and take pride in identifying with a genuine brand image. They take ownership of the product. “This bourbon, is my bourbon.”


Buffalo Trace embodies the authentic “American spirit” of adventure, independence and strength. For more than a decade, we’ve helped Buffalo Trace build their brand the same way they craft their fine bourbon: patiently, with care and passion. It’s culminated in a brand that knows exactly what it is, and even more, what it isn’t. That’s how Buffalo Trace remains true to its ideals and mission.

Winning loyal consumers has meant spreading word-of-mouth and grabbing attention outside of traditional media. It’s meant growing tourism to the distillery and building relationships on the ground through a strong grassroots initiative. It’s meant a forward-thinking digital presence. And it’s meant reaching audiences that the rest of the bourbon industry wasn’t talking to yet.


Social media remains the biggest opportunity for brands to reach their consumers on a personal, one-to-one level. Engaging with consumers on a daily basis has not only increased brand awareness, but brand loyalty as well. This creates advocates who help reinforce the authenticity of the brand. Fans love to see their favorite bourbon commenting, sharing and liking their posts. Bringing the brand’s character into the social space has resonated with consumers, and continues to grow year over year. It’s representative of the steady, patient and personal approach we’ve taken to building this brand.


Allen Marler, Sr. Digital Engagement Manager

“One of the biggest things we notice about a lot of brands on social is that they aren’t actually social about it. We’ve grown Buffalo Trace’s Instagram follower count by 4 thousand per month, in part, because we make a huge effort to interact with and show love to our community—always staying a part of the conversation, or starting a new one. We’re willing to take risks with trends, putting out content that may not be the norm.”

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