NEIGH-SMR Featured on Adweek & Fast Company

April 17, 2019

What we did


Our forward-thinking partners at VisitLEX have gone and done it. They’ve dipped their hooves into the popular phenomenon known as ASMR and they’ve done it in a fun and unique way that only the ‘Horse Capital of The World’ could pull off. They’ve used a horse named Hank.

This is important for several reasons.

• This makes VisitLEX the first brand to use a horse in an ASMR video.<br>

• They are calling it NEIGH-SMR which is a really cute play on ASMR.<br>

• The sounds of a destination are often neglected in tourism marketing.<br>

• All the feels. All the tingles.


“I’m crying I love this”

– Paitin Altman

This approach is unique in the tourism space because most destinations focus on promoting the sights. The sounds of a destination are often neglected. We saw this as an opportunity to do something fun and different while playing on the phenomenon of ASMR. Folks can watch this video and if they decide to visit Lexington, they can go out to the Kentucky Horse Park or one of the 400 horse farms surrounding Lexington and experience this in real life - which is a really awesome experience.

It’s been featured in ADWEEK, Fast Company, Herald Leader, KSR, Ads of The World and some French ad pub. Lots of views on Facebook and it’s been blowing up on the Youtube.

Plus! the sentiment is high (Over 20k upvotes with only 400 downvotes on Youtube).

The only ASMR I’ve ever reacted to😂😍 – Laura Rigsby

 I’m crying I love this – Paitin Altman

I hate eating ASMR, but this was nice. – Cullen Smith

That horse is hawt. – ShizukaYumi Gamer

This is the best ASMR video I have ever seen. – Morgan Lovaas