What is Your Business Story?

Ask anyone who has been around the social media space for any length of time who the experts on the practice are and you’ll very quickly hear the name Chris Brogan. An original social media guru, best-selling author and business storyteller, Brogan has been a trusted and prolific resource for businesses trying to navigate the social world since the early 2000s.

He spends much of his time now helping define your business story with his consulting and content marketing training and seminars for top-level executives. He sat in on Digging Deeper to talk about defining your business’s story and how storytelling can open up many possibilities for success.

And it doesn’t hurt a podcast when the host, our own Jason Falls, and the guest are old friends.

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Chris Brogan can be found at ChrisBrogan.com. He’s also fun to follow on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn where you can find The Backpack with he and co-host Kerry Gorgone.

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