When the Competition Zigs, Horses Zoom

The world went Zoom crazy this year. With more people than ever working from home, it was the video conferencing service’s time to shine. Celebrities were Zooming, TV shows were Zooming, even the news was Zooming. And brands tried every which way to inject themselves into the platform while it was attracting such unprecedented attention. Every way, that is, besides the Cornett way.

On April 9, 2020, we worked with our pals at VisitLEX to host a Zoom call with a dang horse, y’all.

It was an extraordinary “first come, first Zoom” experience for up to 100 people to video chat with a genuine Kentucky thoroughbred at Mill Ridge Farm, and just the refresher the world needed from all those stale business calls.

The stunt earned a lot of love from the travel and advertising industries alike for its creative and cost-effective approach at a time when destination marketing seemed totally stymied. Have a look at these feature stories in Ad Age and Travel + Liesure

As much as we love free press, the most important thing is that we got a whole lot of people excited to visit our amazing city as soon as it’s safe. Kaboom!

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