What making creativity your business advantage means

Today marks the first official episode of Digging Deeper – Make Creativity Your Business Advantage, the new (old) podcast from Cornett (our digital strategist Jason Falls). His podcast and live stream is now ours. And our president, Christy Hiler, is the first guest.

Christy joins Jason to talk about the meaning of “Make Creativity Your Business Advantage.” She also shares the challenges of managing a business and agency in the COVID-19 era and what she’s learned working in a non-traditional office setting as both a leader and strategist.

Jump in and give it a listen, or a watch.

You can subscribe to the video version of the show by following Cornett on LinkedIn, Facebook, or by subscribing to the Digging Deeper YouTube Channel. If you prefer your podcasts in audio format, Digging Deeper is available on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play. (links coming)

Show Links

Here are some of the links and resources discussed on the show:

Be a Guest

If you or someone you know would make a great show guest, drop us a line at jason@teamcornett.com. We’d love to learn how they are making creativity their business advantage.

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