How to Scale Your Business with Virtual and Freelance Talent

If you’ve ever wondered how to use virtual and freelance talent to grow and scale your business, Nathan Hirsch is someone to talk to. He scaled a small e-commerce business to a multimillion dollar venture, then solved his own problem by building another one — FreeUp. That business helps people find and hire virtual and freelance talent for scale. Now Nathan spends his time teaching people how to build systems and processes to leverage virtual workers at Outsource School.

He stopped by Digging Deeper to chat with Jason Falls about building an efficient business on scale with freelancers. Give it a listen and share it with a business owner you know who is trying to scale, but spending too much time on busy work rather than growing the business.



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  • 1792 Style – The 1792 Bourbon magazine for the discerning gentleman Jason mentioned in the content marketing segment

Find Nathan on LinkedIn and Twitter. Find talent at FreeUp. Learn how to process and systemize freelance talent management and scale your business at Outsource School.

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