Squirrels Just Want to Have Fun

Whether it’s for a client or not, if Cornett has a good idea we roll with it. Such was the case with SquirrelsSquirrelsSquirrels Burritos. 

It sounds insane, but it makes more sense if you know that here in Lexington there’s a beloved local Tex-Mex spot called GirlsGirlsGirls Burritos that specializes in bike deliveries, late-night service and just generally being swell neighbors. 

We approached the Girls gang with the blueprint for a surreal stunt that we thought would put a much-deserved spotlight on their small business, as well as give us a chance to flex our creative muscle. Basically, we wanted to build a miniature replica of their restaurant designed, menu and all, exclusively for squirrels.

Champions that they are, they were all about it.

With the help of a local makerspace, we built the little eatery. Then we grilled up some on-brand grub like tiny acorn-filled burritos, had ourselves a ribbon cutting on the University of Kentucky campus, and let our furry friends go to town.

Local TV news covered the weirdness, and we got some great pics and video of our own that the internet couldn’t get enough of. The legend of SquirrelsSquirrelsSquirrels was featured in Food & Wine Magazine and just about every aggregator of online oddities you can think of. Google it! On BoredPanda.com, it was in the top 5% most popular stories of the year. 

Did we make a bunch of money? Nope. Did we have a blast and help some good people get the kind of attention that would make a mega-chain restaurant jealous? Hell yeah!

The squirrels certainly weren’t complaining either.

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