The Creativity Behind Smart Tourism Marketing in a Pandemic

COVID-19 has crippled many industries. None more so perhaps than travel and tourism. But some tourism marketers hit above their weight class, both in and out of a pandemic. Gathan Borden is one of them. He is the Vice-President of Marketing for VisitLex, the convention and visitor’s bureau of Lexington, Kentucky. His team entered 2020 with the challenge of building a new convention center. So coming into the year, meeting space was tight, then you lob a pandemic on top of it all and well … 2020, right?

But VisitLex has persevered. It launched daily content to uplift local businesses during the quarantine months, launched a new website that Inbound fans will appreciate as it is built to be more of a lead-generation mechanism, continued it’s reputation of outstanding creative with a confidence campaign we’ll describe in more detail. This coming off a year in 2019 when it was a finalist for a Shorty Award and swept regional ad and tourism awards for its marketing.

Jason Falls digs deep with Borden in this special podcast episode for the listeners at Inbound 2020.

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