Closing the Ad Industry's Gap in Multicultural Marketing

By 2042, minorities in the United States will be the majority. Yet, we’re focusing single-digits percentages of our marketing dollars on reaching non-white consumers. Wilson Camelo is on Digging Deeper to help us close the advertising industry’s multicultural marketing gap.

Camelo is the CEO and founder of Camelo Communication, a firm with offices in Florida and Connecticut. He points to the reality of the U.S. population and underline how we in the marketing world have been deficient in accurately representing our true consumers. He then gives us ideas on how we can close the gap in our own brands, agencies and businesses.

Give the show a watch or a listen, then share it with someone you know who can help close the gap, too.

Also on this episode, we reveal the winners of our Get.Online domain contest. Five lucky people are now proud owners of free .online domains courtesy of Get.Online. The winners of our contest are:

  • Ilana Rabinowitz, whose idea for custom poetry and gift items for every occasion was submitted — appropriately — in verse
  • Joe Bruni and Greg Gorman, who both had solid arguments to using a .online domain to serve as a home and hub for their personal brands
  • Billy Mitchell, who wants to dump all the worst ideas onto a site we can all use as kindling for creative inspiration
  • And Bob Marino, whose idea is to build a market place where people can sell their refuse (clothing, books, household items you might sell at a yard sale or throw away for whatever reason), then turn the profits over to social and environmental causes to further cut down on waste and do good with the money

Congratulations on the successful pitches! I’m happy to help connect each of the five with free .online domains to help move those projects closer to reality.

Other resources mentioned in this episode include:

Wilson Camelo can be found at Camelo Communication. You can also connect with him online via LinkedIn.

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