The Power of Live Streaming and Brand Content Marketing

Live streaming has begun to revolutionize the way many brands, podcasts and even consultants reach their customers. Christoph Trappe has been in the middle of the live streaming revolution and says all brands should look to live streaming as an effective way to engage their audiences.

He joined Digging Deeper to talk about his Create Once, Publish Everywhere approach and discuss the ins and outs of live streaming. He also has a new book out called Going Live that helps businesses understand and execute live streaming projects.

Trappe actually credits Digging Deeper for inspiring a lot of his work in the area. He came on the old version of Jason Falls’s live streams that became Digging Deeper and realized live streaming was the content strategy wave of the future. Dig in and learn more from him today on the show.


Today’s episode of Digging Deeper is presented by Winfluence – Reframing Influencer Marketing to Ignite Your Brand, the new book from our host, Jason Falls. His advice on rethinking and reframing how we think of influence marketing is wrapped up in a fun read that includes interesting case studies and assessment and measurement scorecards to make prioritizing and measuring influencers easy.

Digging Deeper listeners get 20% off the book’s retail pricing by buying online at and using the code FALLS20.

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