The Man Behind Lexington's Psychedelic Experience

We’re walking the walk here on the show by digging deeper into conversations with the type of folks we often interview on the live stream version of the show each Tuesday morning. But not everyone we want to talk to there can make it to a regimented, scheduled show. And, we have some very interesting people within the walls at Cornett whose expertise comes to bear for our clients. We also do some pretty neat things as a group that are well worth sharing with you. Why not give you access to those subject matter experts, and experiences too?

In today’s episode, we get to know a familiar face to anyone who has come through the doors at CornettJared Lee is the agency’s business support lead. My translation of what that means is he’s the guy to ask for solutions, to fix things, help find everything from supplies to a free-lancer. The guy does it all. He even helps man Cornett’s social media channels, acts as a staff photographer … there’s nothing he doesn’t do.

One thing he does besides keep everything together at the agency is produce music events. Jared’s Expansion event, which happens every September, is Lexington’s very own Psychedelic Experience and Music Festival. It started in 2019 and is putting Lexington on the map as a magnet point for bands that are, as he puts it, weird and loud.

AdWeek thought Expansion was so cool, it awarded him with one of its Side Show awards for 2021. Expansion was the Best in Category for Performance Art. It was nice to see Jared earn some recognition for his work outside of Cornett.

We’ll talk more about that and him. Today on Digging Deeper.


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