Attacking The Healthy Beverage Vertical with Hello Water

The healthy beverage aisle in your grocery or convenience store just keeps getting more and more crowded. The so-called Functional Beverage market is already a $50 billion industry. Amid fighting one another for dominance, brands in the category also have to battle the big-budget sugary drinks brands for consumer’s attentions.

Why on earth would someone enter that market with a startup brand, then? Rusty Jones, the co-founder and chief strategy officer at Hello Water knows. He and his partner did it in 2017 and are now behind one of the upstart brands in the space.

Hello Water is a brand of healthy hydration beverages. They have pro-biotic drinks that help with immune defense, better pH balance and digestive health.

Rusty joined us on Digging Deeper to help us find out more about the brand and how it started, but also more about the highly competitive space of healthy drinks and battling the sugary soft drink segment to get more people to get inspired to be more healthy.


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