The Present and Future of Public Relations

Public relations is perhaps one of the segments of the marketing world that has changed most in the last 20 years or so. That’s largely because the media landscape has changed and media relations is a big part of the PR world. When traditional journalists, editors and producers are no longer the gate keepers, but you’re still charged with earning coverage and attention for your company, you have to shift with the market.

Robert Dilenschneider has weathered the storm and guided many a brand successfully through the last 30 years or so. He founded The Dilsenschnieder Group in 1991. They not only work with many Fortune 500 companies but also provide counsel and strategic advice to leading families and individuals around the world. His new book is called The Public Relations Handbook. It’s a little different approach, though. Robert has sourced the expertise presented in this book from 20 of the world’s top PR thinkers, including himself, of course.

He is technically listed as the editor of the book, but when you see the roster of names in this book … my pal Shel Holtz, William Adler, Donna Heiser, Virginia and Michael Kamsky, Sarah Manly Robertson … a Who’s Who of smart thinkers in the industry … you know this is worth the read. And it’s worth our time to talk about it.


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