Can You Engage Influencers Without Paying Them?

Zak Stahlsmith of ApexDrop which is a company based in Erie, Pennsylvania. They have a decidedly different take on influence marketing, one that I think is important for you to hear.

ApexDrop believes you don’t have to pay influencers to ignite passion around your brand. They specialize in leveraging micro and nano influencers to try and share opinions about your product for little cost other than the product itself. ApexDrop’s clients use these influence programs to drive product trial, reviews, build content libraries and even move the needle on sales. Zak and I talk about how and touch on other issues important to influence marketing like the interpretation of FTC disclosure.

Dial it up and share with someone who might be able to use an influencer campaign to get their products in the hands of people who can have an impact on their brand!


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