Digging Deep into SEO and Domain Names for Merchandising

New top level domains are popping up with more frequency these days, but are they reliable? Is a .Store .Online or .Tech domain as SEO-worthy as .com or .net? Domain name and search expert Bill Hartzer has done the testing and research to find out. He shared several insights and tests on Digging Deeper to illustrate that new top level domains can even be more effective at getting indexed and ranking well for search terms than their older counter parts.

Host Jason Falls and Hartzer discuss SEO in 2021, the domain name issue and much more on this week’s edition of Digging Deeper. Falls even vets his new white paper, The Power of Your Brand For Merchandising, through Hartzer’s data. The show is presented by Get.Store where the .store new top level domains are just $1.99 when you use the code JASONWP.


Bill Hartzer can be found online at BillHartzer.com where he blogs or at his consultancy website at HartzerConsulting.com. He has a digital marketing podcast that is broadcast as a YouTube show, and can be found on LinkedIn as well.

This episode of Digging Deeper is supported Get.Store. Download Jason Falls’s new white paper The Power of Your Brand For Merchandising, then purchase your new merchandising-friendly .store domain at Get.Store. Use the code JASONWP and get the domain for just $1.99 (normally $29).

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