The Digital Transformation Tastes of Chicago

Few companies have experienced digital transformation quite like Tastes of Chicago. The e-commerce brand within the Lou Malnati group of brands was almost an afterthought a few years ago. They sold Chicago-style pizza direct-to-consumer online.

Then COVID hit and business exploded. Now, Tastes of Chicago was a big revenue driver for the corporation and engineering the shift fell on the shoulders of Ahin Thomas.

He joined the company after years in the tech startup and investment space and was named chief revenue officer. His challenge was to help Tastes of Chicago latch on to the reigns the sudden boon in online sales presented and grow the brand.

We connected on Digging Deeper to find out more about the digital transformation of the e-commerce brand and see what the future holds for Ahin and Tastes of Chicago.

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Note: Ahin Thomas photo from BackBlaze.

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