Your Brand Essence and Determining Your Perfect Customer

Makayla Ervin helps businesses define their brand essence, define their perfect customer and become authoritative to them. She joined #DiggingDeeper to help both small and large businesses understand all those processes. She and host Jason Falls also dug into a playful discussion about the use of the word “coach” and “life coach” and their various merits.

Jason also points to a new tool to use to help content marketers catch plagiarism and previews a new companion podcast for his upcoming book. Give it a watch or a listen and share with someone who might enjoy!



Other resources mentioned in this episode include:

    • – Our episode sponsor and multiple-location streaming platform
    • Switcher Studio – The video production software we use (Code FALLS gets you 10% off for life)
    • Plagiarism Checker – PrePostSEO’s plagiarism checker Jason mentioned

Find Makalya on LinkedIn. Her website is You can also find her helpful YouTube videos on her channel there.

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