The Power of Corporate Storytelling

Few people are more widely known for social media marketing than Scott Monty. The first executive specifically dedicated to social media marketing at a Fortune 10 brand, Monty led those efforts at Ford Motor Company from 2008-14. His work has often been credited with helping Ford turn around its fortunes after the bailout controversies in the auto industry and the recession of the late 2000s.

Known for his relationship-building influence marketing programs and engaging executions with customers through Ford’s social channels, Monty set a shinning example for future company social leads. But Monty was known in the industry before Ford. He was one of the original strategists for Crayon, Joseph Jaffe’s groundbreaking social marketing firm that was one of the first dedicated social shops in the U.S.

Monty has spent much of his time since Ford building strategies for and counseling corporate executives and companies on the power of storytelling, transformational change in organizations and leadership. He joined Digging Deeper to talk about the power of storytelling, level set on influence marketing in 2020 and more.



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