Cornett Nabs Impact Award from Global Network

When you blow up a trend, people take notice. Cornett’s work for VisitLex and its NeighSMR campaign grabbed one of just five 2019 Impact Awards from Worldwide Partners, a global network of independent marketing agencies. That’s pretty impressive when you consider Cornett has only been a member of the group since 2018.

The campaign inserted one of VisitLex’s biggest assets — horses — square in the middle of the quirky Internet trend of ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response videos. ASMR content features auditory stimulation of odd, day-to-day activities, like eating a pickle or popping bubble wrap.

Our parody featured Hank the Horse eating apples, carrots, peppermints and more. See for yourself:


The campaign’s fun, Kentucky spin immediately vaulted the video to viral status, collecting over 1.8 million views on YouTube and earning coverage from Fast Company, Yahoo Life, AdWeek and AdAge among others.

For a big, fancy press release about the award, Click here. You can find Worldwide Partners’ big, fancy press release on its website here.

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