Finding Your Capital S Story

As we close out Digging Deeper for 2021, I thought it best to return to a core focus of all good marketing communications and that is storytelling. All the technical wizardry and business objectives and channel approaches do you no good unless you are able to leverage all of them to tell a strong story.

Paul Furiga has written and edited 20,000 stories as a journalist, covering everything from murders to the White House. When he moved into the agency side of the marketing world, he spent a few years at Ketchum, long known as one of the world’s top PR firms. And for the last 20 years, he has lead his own firm, WordWrite, where storytelling is the linchpin of the offering and its client’s success.

Paul has brought his results-driven approach to storytelling for business to bear in a new book called Finding Your Capital S Story. He’s here today to send us into the holiday with some good advice to ponder as we ready to tell our own story in 2022.



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