Is Your Business Built to Suck?

Few people have had the impact on marketing and how marketers think in the last 15 years Joseph Jaffe has. From his five best-selling books to his frequent provocateur status in the media and on keynote stages, he has been the marketing industry’s chief executive instigator.

His latest book declares that corporations are Built to Suck. In this episode of Digging Deeper, Jaffe talks about why and how businesses can avoid the inevitable evolution to such a status. We also talk about what he’s learned from his new venture — CoronaTV — an interview show where he talks about the state of today and tomorrow with business and marketing leaders from around the world.

Plus, Jason shares some insights to help cope with the growing polarization of conversations on social channels. Dig into this episode of Digging Deeper.

Joseph Jaffee can be found online at CoronaTV is online at You can buy Built to Suck on Amazon.

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