How to Drive Leads Using B2B Content Syndication

For business-to-business marketers, lead generation has become something of a puzzle. COVID has forced the postponement or cancellation of may conferences, exhibitions and events that some brands use as primary lead sources. But replacing part or even all of a company’s leads with digital and virtual content isn’t easy.

Netline is a company that offers B2B content syndication to drive leads. David Fortino, Netline’s chief strategy officer, sat in on Digging Deeper to explain how that works, what the shifts he’s seeing in the B2B space are and where companies can make up some of that difference. We also talked about the B2B research report Netline and On24 collaborated on as well.

Discover a creative way to drive leads with content syndication in this episode. And be sure to share it with a B2B marketing friend when you’re done.

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