Are Your Digital Assets Accessible? ADA Lawsuits Are On The Rise!

The American’s With Disabilities Act or ADA is no less meaningful and relevant that the Civil Rights Act to companies today. But businesses often fail to consider how people with vision, hearing or physical disabilities can or cannot consume their online content.

When one fails to provide accessible user experiences, they subject themselves to legal action. Well, lawsuits holding brands more accountable for their digital accessibility efforts are on the rise.

Jason Taylor joined Digging Deeper this week to talk about the topic. He is the chief innovation strategist and advisor to the CEO of UsableNet. It monitors and documents all digital accessibility related lawsuits where a website, mobile app or video content is subject to a court claim. There has been a steep rise in claims since 2018.

UsableNet’s newest report reveals an alarming increase in the number of ADA-driven lawsuits against brands and shows that many brands are repeat offenders. That underlines the problem that many don’t take accessibility serious. Taylor addressed what solutions your business can take to ensure it is not just avoiding litigation, but doing the right thing for your disabled consumers.


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