Answering the UN's Call for Creative

In March 2020, in response to the global Coronavirus crisis and the urgent need to reach the widest possible audience with fact-based messaging, the United Nations issued an open brief to the creative community inviting them to develop engaging content around six key areas based on World Health Organization and UN priority actions. 

Over a short two weeks, the Cornett crew worked overtime to join tens of thousands of creative professionals all across the world to help unite humanity and communicate important messages that can combat the spread of COVID-19.

To promote social distancing, we designed a clever poster to remind people of the virtue of patience.

And to help people separate pandemic fact from fiction, we built a fun yet informative choose-your-own-adventure game and conceived some interactive pre-roll ads that quiz viewers about common Coronavirus misconceptions. 

In the grand scheme of things maybe it wasn’t much, but if you give team Cornett half a chance to put our creative chops to good use you best believe we’re gonna take it. If you’re interested, you can browse all of the incredible entries right here.

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