Who You Callin' a Shorty? Cornett Wins National Award!

Years ago, the worst thing you could have on the Internet was the blue fail whale. The iconic “Our site is down” cartoon meant you couldn’t get to Twitter.

Now, the blue whale fin is probably the coolest thing you can get for work on the Internet. And Cornett now has one.

2019 Shorty Award - Cornett

Our work with UK HealthCare’s “We Are Proof” campaign earned us our first-ever Shorty Award! The video below was the core creative content. But the killer influencer approach to getting it over 800,000 views on Facebook helped seal the deal.


The big blue whale fin now adorns the lobby trophy shelf at 249 East Main. Thankfully, it doesn’t smell like it just came from the ocean.

It smells like crushing it.

If you’d like a big, fancy press release, you can find it here.

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