by Whit Hiler

"VisitLex is turning locals into brand ambassadors in hopes that their friends and families will see their good times and soon plan a trip to the city. Its success should serve as a role model to other mid-tier cities throughout the U.S." - SKIFT

VisitLEX is back with an awesome new #ShareTheLex video (starring Henry Clay and William Shatner) to promote it’s kickass social media-driven tourism marketing campaign.  
Lexington is known for bourbon and horses. But locals know it for a whole lot more. Last year we launched a tourism marketing campaign for VisitLex driven by the recommendations from several of Lexington’s finest locals through print, digital and video. The campaign was fueled by the insight that leisure travelers crave a local experience. We also launched a citywide social media campaign called #ShareTheLex. Based on research that the number one reason people travel is visit family and the number three reason people travel is to visit friends, we encouraged Lexingtonians to act as tourism ambassadors and share their favorite Lexington hot spots through social media using the hashtag #ShareTheLex. We also encouraged them to leave reviews of their favorite businesses. We executed this campaign through a fun video (featuring Daniel Boone) and business kits. As you can see in the results below, both the leisure traveler campaign and local #ShareTheLex campaigns have been huge successes. 
We’ve seen over 25,000 Instagram photos tagged #ShareTheLex along with tens of thousands of Tweets and Facebook posts. 
In 2013 VisitLEX had a 30% completion rate for our Leisure traveler videos and a 2.5 minute average time spent on our visitor’s guide landing page. 
Citywide, hotel occupancy in Lexington increased 3.9% over last year (2013 over 2102; City-wide average daily rate increased 3.8% (second highest on record); and total room revenues for reporting hotels increased 8.1% (all-time record).
We’re excited to share with you a brand spanking new #ShareTheLex video, a big thank you to all Lexington’s awesome locals that have made this campaign a huge success. It acts as an encouragement to Lexington’s locals to keep on “sharing the Lex.” As a follow up to Daniel Boone’s epic introductory video, we’ve brought in good ol’ Henry Clay (a United States Senator from Kentucky that Abraham Lincoln once claimed as “my ideal of a great man”) and we even got a cameo from the man, the myth, the legend, William Shatner. Check it out.